My nature is to want to do things for myself as opposed to hiring the work done. I've tried to get some decent photos of my work but discovered that I don't have what is needed to get the quality of photos I want so now I'm having my best work photographed by a professional. Last week I took seven pieces to a friend who happens to take photos for a living. And the results are well worth it. Give the credit to Doreen Wynja for making my work look good.

The piece on the left is seventeen inches tall.

January 2011 new work

I've managed to create a few new pieces lately, in spite of my nagging wrist pains and my torn rotator cuff which have slowed my production down considerably. I just finished up a large asymmetrical vase that stands about 20 inches high and is about a foot wide that I necked down to an inch and a half. The neck area was starting to crack all over so I abandoned my plan to try to neck it down to less than an inch. It still needs a patina as do three of four other smaller pieces that I've finished with the hammering. I'm mostly using my newest hammer, which was made by a gifted blacksmith in Portland. It's made from tool steel and doesn't deform from impact. But I have also realized that I have a need for more variety of hammers, smaller, narrower, etc., so I am looking into ordering a few more. I'll post pictures after I get patinas on the newest pieces.