New images of my recent and not so recent work. Photos by Marilyn Affolter

2009 and still hammering...

I'm continually developing my skills which is helping me to be able to actually create the form I've envisioned in my mind. I've experimented with some different surface finishes and certain forms are repeatedly showing up and becoming refined. I've created my first full torso in the round entirely raised over stakes. That was a milestone for me as I remember telling someone a couple of years ago who asked if I could make one that I wouldn't have a clue how to start.

Recent work, December 2008

I find that the act of hammering repetitively along with careful attention and observation to the results of those tens of thousands of hammer blows improves my skills. They say practice makes perfect, I would say practice makes you better, more practice makes you better yet, and so on. I've been hammering copper for about three years now, and I don't see any flattening of the learning curve, but I'm making things now I never would have imagined possible a year and a half ago.